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Taurus Horoscope – Tuesday, March 30, 2021: Abandon harsh and hurtful competition

You think you've loved your partner and your nearest and dearest, and that you've given the best of yourself


March has flown by, without you even having your feet on the ground; you evaluate your life and consider you’ve loved your partner and your loved ones, and that you’ve given the best of yourself.

You would sell your soul to the devil to make this feeling last indefinitely; however, you don’t need to go that far. Keep going as you have until now, seeking beauty in the simplest daily moments, Taurus.

If you’re single, you’ll realize the plant of your love has blossomed and now you’ll have to reap the rewards. The person you like is letting down their guard and offering you a beautiful warmth which you're savouring full of hope.

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You’ll change your mind on matters pertaining to work and, consequently, your communication with your colleagues will improve. Good coordination will prevail and that atmosphere of acute competition which was so harmful will be left behind.

Your mobile phone will start giving you trouble, such as turning off for no apparent reason or perhaps the screen not responding as it should. You should start looking up prices and seeking an offer that is within your means, without being swayed by advertising.

Speaking of phones, if you’re unemployed, you’ll soon receive a phone call for a rather competitive offer. Open the door towards new challenges and goals.


This Tuesday you’ll have a good opportunity to see one of those films everyone is talking about, and you’ll identify with the story. You’ll understand that your problems affect many people, and this will help soothe your anxiety.

Changes in temperature can catch you off guard; don’t rely on the clear skies or the weather forecast on your mobile phone.

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