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Taurus Horoscope – Saturday, January 30, 2021: Disconnect from social media

Take some time to reconsider what projects of yours are still outstanding


You’ll face the day with good resolutions for your love life.  You have a lot of inner balance and you’ll know how to sort out your ideas. Plus, you won’t hesitate to weed out your doubt and boredom.

This Saturday, some Taurus will have the strength to let their partner go if they were no longer happy. You’ll be tired of being the only one who is making an effort, the latest misunderstandings have exhausted your patience, and you intend to be as happy as you deserve.

For those who are single, the day will stimulate their creativity, making their dates go brilliantly. Would that you could always be as daring as you are today.

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As a new month is about to begin, you should take the time to go over your outstanding projects.  It’s strictly forbidden to leave projects unfinished, give it your all to the very end.

Likewise, you should devise a course of action to eliminate unnecessary expenses if you can. There’s always a gym subscription or pay per view that you could unsubscribe from.

It’s not a great idea to get a loan from shady people just in order to tie your accounts over. You might just make your problems greater than they are right now.


Generally speaking, you’ll be in good shape; you have a certain special protection. You can enjoy this Saturday.

Disconnect from social media, we are too dependent on technology at the moment, and this can end up taking a toll on you, on a mental level. Those who spend too long looking at their phone (or computer) screen, need to rest their eyesight. Look at the clouds from time to time, as it will also relax you.

Careful with small accidents, especially if you practice sports or do DYI during your weekends.

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