Taurus Horoscope Saturday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Saturday, October 3, 2020: Your other half demands their rightful place

You have an active social and professional life, but don't neglect your family


Your romantic relationships won’t be at their highest point you’d like them to be this Saturday.  Although your intention was to spend a great weekend where love abounded, romantic relationships will lack cordiality.

A very important question: Do you know how to give your partner the priority they deserve? Do you have an active social and professional life, which, at times, leaves you no time to do private things? Today your other half demands their rightful place.

Do what you can to make sure they don’t feel neglected, Taurus, tomorrow might be too late.

If you're currently single, in your hectic social life you might get smitten. You’ll pay more attention to the person’s outer beauty than their inner one.

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You’ll have to be rigorous this Saturday in the management of your professional situation; otherwise, you might gradually lose the profit you earned lately.

You’ll have a tendency towards wasting money, you’ll throw your money down the drain very easily. You like buying things too much, plus, you won’t be very generous with those around you.

At work you should be careful not to make mistakes in front of people who might rat you out, pick your friends well, as your enemies will appear by themselves.

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You become a very natty Taurus, who enjoys making yourself look your best in front of the mirror and wearing the latest fashions.

In this sense, you should avoid wearing really tight clothes or shoes; the day might drag, and you might end up regretting it. Accept your size, no more and no less.

In order to have a great Saturday, you should control your coffee and cigarette consumption, and try to eat more leafy greens, which are a great source of plant-based proteins.