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Taurus Horoscope – Wednesday, March 3, 2021: Tear down your frivolous facade

You leave your (occasionally whimsical) mood aside and you'll control your bad temper


This Wednesday you’ll become a very daring and passionate Taurus, who will move mountains to make their partner smile. You’ll leave aside your (occasionally whimsical) mood and you’ll control your bad temper.

Your work is focused on reaching a valid love agreement on many aspects (although there’ll be certain matters which you should try to negotiate). You seek a romance with personality. Where every day you’ll have something to add.

If you’re single, the word freedom will stop resounding in your head; you dream of having someone by your side, someone to look after (and who will look after you), but you’re ashamed to tear down your frivolous facade, the one you project to your friends and on social media.

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When it comes to business, you won’t settle easily. If you have to sign contracts during this first Wednesday of March you should pay attention to the small print, ask about anything you don’t understand, be curious and inquisitive.

Currently, there are many sleazy people around who could try to sell you sand in the desert, above all, there’s a risk of having your intellectual property stolen.

You’ll have good news regarding some money which you’ve been waiting to receive for a while (perhaps linked to an inheritance), although there’s still some time before it comes into your hands.


You’re a bit distracted, with your head in the clouds. You’ll struggle to focus on the simplest of tasks (even mundane ones), and you’ll have to take a break to find your centre of gravity.

You’ll be more worried about the health and good habits of your family and friends than about yours. If you want them to do things right, the best thing is to lead by example, keeping your feet on the ground.

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