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Taurus Horoscope – Sunday, January 3, 2021: You'll take everything very lightly

You'll be willing to fall in love at first sight (but you should make a bit of an effort)


You’re a bit crazy in your love life; all of your energy comes out of your mouth and you’re capable of making many romantic promises that will never progress. You take life in a very superficial way and don’t give actions the importance they deserve.

Building castles in the air isn’t the best way to find conjugal happiness. In this sense, Taurus, you should plan a surprise for your partner for your next anniversary. However, you should set realistic goals.

Some people who are single will be ready to fall in love at first sight, although others will have to make an effort for Cupid to cast his arrows on them.

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At work your more individualistic side will stand out; you’ll work better on your own than as part of a team, and this can be very useful in some professions (in others it will make matters more complicated, it has to be said).

Those who are thinking of starting a business will become very distrusting of those around them; you think they might steal your ideas so you might be twice as discreet as usual.

Listen to the advice of your elders, you’ll learn more easily from the mistakes of others than from your own.


This Saturday impatience might become your main enemy, as it wreaks havoc on your health. Keep calm if the latest treatment prescribed by your doctor hasn’t had an effect yet (or if you’re recovering from surgery).

This same impatience can cause stomach pain, you’ll have to look for activities to soothe your nerves. How about calling up a relative for a catch up?

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