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Your Daily Taurus Horoscope for Saturday, October 29th, 2022

Keep control above all else, Taurus


Taurus, perhaps you should lower your expectations. If you're dating, perhaps a serious mistake you're making is keeping them too high. You should stop idealizing your partner, and instead, watch them and love them for who they are.

If you're single, it's about time you overcame childish prejudices. Dare to meet every individual under the sun, whether you look for romance or not. You'll realize that prejudice is absolutely stupid.

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Taurus, your Horoscope advises you to be extremely careful with money. You might get a slightly suspicious call to arrange a job interview. Your face might light up when you hear about the wages, but don't let them fool you. Before making a final choice, get as informed as you possibly can about the company. If you browse the web, you might find the proof you need to avoid becoming a target. Watch out for advantage-stealing individuals.


Taurus, politeness will be your best ally. Competence isn't the only factor needed to win at the workplace. There are times when politeness and manners do more for your career than talent itself.

If you start behaving like a model employee, you'll become as acknowledged and famous as you need to be more popular around the office. Remember that managers also need trustworthy individuals and workers. Give them what they need.


You should start setting boundaries for friends to avoid getting into trouble, Taurus. If you say you don't want to keep drinking, don't let them fill up your glass again. Responsibility is your middle name when you go out.


Taurus, you focus so much on your bodybuilding that you often forget your mind and brain. You'll do well to plan activities today where you can train them too. Sudoku puzzles, crosswords, and memory games are a good place to start.

Learning a new language could also help you make your train of thought faster. You've got many choices available.