Taurus Horoscope Thursday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Thursday, October 29, 2020: Your self-confidence is boosted

Control the way in which you express your desires, especially if you're in a relationship


Your self-confidence is enhanced you know well that you're the protagonist of your life and that you won’t let anyone else make decisions for you. However, you should be self-critical, don’t get carried away by the circumstances and weigh well every step you take.

Sometimes your intuition is very keen and others, it couldn’t be more wrong. When you have doubts about what’s best for you, ask for the opinion of your closest friends, they will have the key, Taurus.

Check the way in which you express your desires, especially if you’re in a relationship; your other half might label you a potential dictator because you’ll demand a lot and you’ll make few compromises.

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You’re before one of the trickiest days for your finances; your perception of reality becomes distorted and you think you're living in past times where there were opulence and abundance.

You’re likely to be taken advantage of by people with bad intentions, who will want to milk your talent or hard work in an unethical way. Try to have a firm grip on the reins of your life, without deviating from the set path.

Try to invest in good marketing if you have your own business; let a team of professionals give you advice on how you could reach a larger audience.

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Your spiritual side is enhanced; you want to bring balance to your mind, the balance your body might be lacking.

You know life is fleeting and that this 2020 is leaving you with more bad memories than good ones. For this reason, you’ll prioritize your personal pleasures, and you’ll make the most of every minute of this day.

You’re training your stomach well, not eating with your eyes. You've understood that fad diets transmitted by word of mouth aren't always good for you, and that you must trust experts in nutrition.