The sign of Taurus with a purple starred background

Taurus Horoscope – Sunday, November 29, 2020: Your tenderness and passion are renewed

Your relentless search for a soul mate is yielding good results, keep going


This is a thrilling day for Taurus, this Sunday is full of positive unforeseen circumstances, and you’ll generally encounter big surprises. You want to have a day filled with adventure, where you can improvise on your feet.

Those who are single will have a date which could be labelled epic; your relentless search for a soul mate is starting to yield results. You’ll realize that the person behind that beautiful smile fits brilliantly with your world (although, at first, you thought you’d clash).

For long term relationships we predict a sudden renewal of tenderness and passion. You’ll make love with the same desire as when you were young.

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The Horoscope will make you quicker, more inventive and you’ll be very quick-witted for business, which today will unfold in informal environments. You’ll leave everyone behind, and you’ll also feel satisfied.

You have to be tidier; don’t leave stuff scattered around, least of all if it contains confidential information about your company. There are reports which you’ll need soon, and which you should start trying to locate.

Plus, you’ll have trouble finding many items at home. Can you imagine what would be of you if, for example, you misplaced your credit card?

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Think about yourself and make time to relax, don’t wear yourself out and seek some time to enjoy solitude, especially if you’re off work.

Places where there’s water (the seaside, a river in the mountains) will allow you to clear your mind from bad vibrations, so you can be ready for December.

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