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Taurus Horoscope – Monday, March 29, 2021: You'll stand out for your tact and emotional intelligence

You're constantly fighting anxiety and listlessness, and with very good results


You start the week convinced that you deserve to be happy; you’re constantly battling anxiety and listlessness, with very good results, Taurus.

This 29th of March you’ll love yourself more than ever and you won’t let anyone put you down. You’ll fight for your dignity and that of those you care about, and you won’t let anyone make nasty remarks about your family.

In your love life you’ll erase all negative comments towards your partner and, if you have to criticize something, you’ll do it in a constructive way. You’ll stand out because of your tact and emotional intelligence. You need to avoid confrontation, if that’s possible.

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Apparently, everything is going well for you at work, and you’ll try to fulfil your duties but without very high expectations.

You reflect a lot about the aspirations you had in the past, those you can’t seem to fulfil to the maximum and, for this reason, at times you’ve overwhelmed by frustration. Study the tools available to you and how to use them to make your dream comes true.

It’s time to cover some financial holes, debt that had been pushed to the background and which you had been ignoring.  The other party will thank you for settling, money coming back is always good news.


You’ll feel tired and downcast due to the intense weekend you had. You keep improvising your schedule and this way you’ll lose your sanity.

Choose a diet that favours your immune system, strictly stick to the activities on your schedule. As they say, don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today. You have enough skill to achieve it.

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