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Taurus Horoscope – Friday, January 29, 2021: At home you'll feel like a king

Lies are short-lived and your subconscious could play a nasty trick on you


You can relax in your love life, as you have a good protection around you.Taurus who are married will notice their other half double their efforts and will shower them with tender caresses

You’ll feel like the true king of the house, but in the future, you’ll have to repay the favour focusing all of your attention on their needs and desires. Likewise, you should be careful with some comments which could be misinterpreted.

Those who are single will have to be very discreet if one of their romances is unusual; perhaps their latest conquest is already married. Lies are short lived and your subconscious could play a nasty trick on you at a certain point.

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Don’t leave anything up to chance at work. Fortune doesn’t particularly smile at you during this last Friday of the month, and even the simplest of decisions could turn against you if you don’t think them carefully If you move forward in a decisive and optimistic way, your success will be total.

On the other hand, the stars advice that you reduce your expenses. You leave very little margin for unexpected events which would involve a large expense, such as your car breaking down or needing to buy a new washing machine.

Don’t trust businesses that look shady, don’t gamble money you don’t have.


You become a very flirtatious sign, even to exaggerated extents. You’re obsessed over your image; you want to give the best of yourself and you demand more than you can offer.

Don’t go crazy, you do many things to please others rather than to feel good about yourself.  If you’re thinking about a makeover, don’t be too bold, you might end up horrified by the result and you’ll want to go back to something more conventional.

In order to push away the bad vibes around you, you should burn some incense or rosemary, and open the doors and windows of your house so the wind can carry away anything harmful.

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