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Taurus Horoscope – Tuesday, December 29, 2020: Don't obsess over the small details

You'll seek a real romance, one that diverges from the stories you read when you were a child


You obsess over small details; you tend to analyse your other half’s gestures and you think there are times when they're not happy by your side. Try to change that negative outlook, as everything is fine between you.

To a certain extent you're two very independent individuals, and this is a true necessity: spending too much time together, having the same friends, the same hobbies, might suffocate you both.

As a single Taurus, you’ll seek real romance, something that diverges from the stories you used to read as a child. In real life there are no dragons or fairies, nor great chances of a prince coming to ask for your hand overnight.

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Within you there is great potential to create changes you just need to let it manifest. Listen to your sixth sense, it will give you the key to grow financially.

Put a pin on your more imminent material desires; that new money which is about to come into your account should be used wisely, minimize impulsive purchases as well as displays of opulence on social media.

Some will have to deal with their inner demons; something makes you think you’re not worthy of being in certain positions of power. Overcome your fears, you deserve the best.


You’ll be very sensitive to changes in temperature, and you’ll fare better with heat than with cold.

Try to keep your house well-aired (and also your place of work), the fresh air will carry away the bad energies; if you like plants, take the opportunity to buy some to cheer up your home. That aside, the day will be rather quiet according to the predictions.

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