Taurus Horoscope Saturday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Saturday, August 29, 2020: Your ability to recover will stand out

Your sharp intuition will help you cover your need to give and receive love


Your sensuality is enhanced, plus, you become a creative lover, always willing to make a change in your stride. In a way, Taurus, you might even be annoyed by habits and routine.

In a way, you’ll have a Saturday which propitiates active listening in your relationship, you’ll be very sensitive to your partner’s moods and, if they’re going through a dark day, you’ll give them light so they can shine and stand out.

If you’re single, your intuition will help you meet your needs of giving and receiving passion. You won’t be too demanding, and you’ll understand that you’ve missed out on many sweet moments in life because your expectations were too high.

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Taurus’s communication with those they habitually do business with is promoted; today you’ll achieve very advantageous conditions for you, and any favours you ask will be granted.

However, you should try to be moderate and sensible; if your ambition tarnished your good faith, there’ll be arguments.

If that happens, try to quickly clarify any disagreements to prevent them from being dragged over the next few days. Be especially careful with younger colleagues, who see you as a rival and not as a mentor.

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Physically speaking you’ll be well.  You’ll have good mental resilience and a great tone. When it comes to your diet, you’ll have to be more careful with it to avoid a heavy digestion.

This 29th of August you’ll be able to tackle high-intensity sports, as you have a great ability to recover.

If you have some free time, look for peace and tranquillity to find your inner balance. Don’t exaggerate your problems, and start living in the most relaxed way possible.