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Your Taurus Horoscope for November 28th

Your Taurus prediction for Monday, November 28th

Taurus, the lucky numbers and compatibilities from the Daily Horoscope are now available. Destiny has plenty of surprises in store for you.


Taurus, it might be time to think about yourself more often. If you're dating, you might be overwhelming your partner with your need for control. Even though you're just concerned, you usually take that feeling to the extreme; give them space and freedom to breathe.

If you're single, you should do that with your family. Your relatives are grown-up enough to take care of themselves. Don't overwhelm those around you.

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Taurus, today you might get in some trouble when you check your bank account. You shouldn't have many more expenses for the rest of the month. These past few weeks, you might have splurged much more than you thought.

If you barely have a few pounds in the bank, try to avoid unnecessary expenses. You might be forced to ask your family for a loan to avoid falling into the red. Learn your lesson for next time.


Your Taurus horoscope encourages you to escape your comfort zone. Even if it doesn't seem the case, your so-called 'security' could be delaying your career and professional growth. You should be much more non-conforming and ambitious at work.

Don't be afraid to be heard and seen around the company; you could open up to collaborations, and perhaps volunteer for team projects. Little by little, you'll have a bigger voice and presence among your workmates. You've got to call attention more.


It would be wonderful if you could go out with friends for a while. Try to find drive and motivation wherever you can. If you end up joining them, you won't regret it, and you'll have a wonderful day.


If you've finally got an appetite, take a chance to eat what you want. You don't necessarily need to binge, but you shouldn't fall hungry either.