Taurus Horoscope Saturday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Saturday, November 28, 2020: You want to love and be loved

Bring some colour into this last Saturday of the month, despite it initially appearing grey


Pessimism and apathy might accost that love story you’ve dedicated so much time and effort to;  so you’ll have to fight against it with all your ability to create magic in any situation. Bring colour into your day, even if at first it appears grey.

Snap out of it before everything goes awry, even worse than you think, and make the most of every hour of this 28th of November.

As a single Taurus, you will see new paths in your heart opening up before you, you want to love and to be loved. Forget the damage you may have suffered in the past, wear your best smile and always wear truth as your flag in order to achieve success.

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Careful with jobs which promise great benefits with little effort;  the Horoscope singles you out as an easy prey for conmen and scammers.  Don’t gamble the money you need so much.

If your awaiting a quote for the repair of a device that’s broken down, or because you want to treat yourself a little, know that it will be more expensive than you expected, and that you’ll have to tighten your belt a bit more.

You don’t need to spend the weekend at home to avoid expenses: take a look around you and look for all the activities which can be done for free.

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Your sex life is somewhat dull, and it’s time to find new ways to spice it up.  And not just to make your partner happy, but also to enjoy all the benefits it will bring to your wellbeing.

Did you know that intimate encounters improve your mood and reduce your anxiety? If you think it necessary, make an appointment with a sexologist for guidance.