Taurus Horoscope for Friday

Taurus Horoscope – Friday, May 28, 2021: You'll enjoy a small moment of solitude

Having a healthy and balanced lifestyle is easy, you know the directions full well

❤️ Love

In the heart of Taurus, there’s a desire to cross frontiers, to seek in faraway lands a love that resists coming to you where you are now. Admit you have a very high bar, that’s why you don’t look at any of the people around you. You think no one is good enough for you and you don’t know how to get out of that hole you’ve gotten yourself into.

Now that the weekend approaches, you need to rest. Avoid getting roped into family obligations and cancel some plans with friends. It’s not that you want to get bored, you’ll simply really enjoy having some solitude.

One last thing: don’t do those things that annoy your partner, you’re about to cross a dangerous line.

💰 Money

The impulses of the Magic Horoscope push you forward to progress towards your professional goals, those you had set in December for the new year.  You need to improve your most original ideas and build new connections.

Although inside you might have a great desire to win, project coherence and patience. Go slow and steady. Otherwise, even the slightest breeze might topple your house of cards.

On the other hand, you should take the opportunity to clean up your house. Empty your cellar, closets, everything. Some old items might be worth a lot of money if you sell them to collectors.

👩‍⚕️ Health

You’ll snap out of the sedentary lifestyle that sometimes takes over you; laziness won’t win this battle on the last Friday of the month, and your sixth sense will help you do activities that will relieve your stress levels.

Having a healthy and balanced lifestyle is easy, you know the instructions full well, but we all stray from the good path from time to time.  When it comes to your diet, you should eat more fibre rich foods/

 👍 Tip of the day

Your motivation is growing, and there's action in the horizon

🍀 Lucky numbers

Your lucky numbers for this Friday, 28th of May are:  5, 11 and 99.

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