Taurus Sunday on a night sky background

Taurus Horoscope – Sunday, March 28, 2021: Family decisions must be thought out carefully

The important thing in any love story isn't to reach the finish line but to enjoy the ride


Love is smiling upon you and showing you its sweetest side.  You’re the apple of Venus’s eye and it will give you a hand to fall back in love with your partner as if you were a pair of teenagers.

You’ll feel things with the same intensity you used to; enjoy Sunday, Taurus, and stretch out that feeling as much as you can. The important thing isn’t reaching the finish line but enjoying the journey.

Family decisions should be thought out carefully; there are some complicated matters which should be discussed. Control your nerves and tear down your prejudice. Chat in order to understand your children’s behaviour (or your parents’).

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Although you have an excellent resume, no one will come knocking on your door to offer you a new job. At work, if you don’t fight you won’t win. If you’re tired of being pushed around at work, you should be fiercer and more competitive.

A considerable number of people born under Taurus will spend a good part of their day crunching the numbers, such as indicated by the stars.  However, very few will manage to sort out their financial problems on the first go, and you’ll have to crunch the numbers aggressively. Bring out your scissors and cut back on expenses, without fear.


This Sunday, you should follow your senses, experience things that remind you of what a precious gift life is. You’ll miss people who are no longer with us but remember them with fondness, as you have the good fortune of sharing many things together.

You should pull the hand brake when you’re eating; afterwards you’ll regret it when you step on the scales and the number is very high. Nothing will happen if you reduce your portions for today.

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