The Taurus sign with a purple background

Taurus Horoscope – Thursday, January 28, 2021: Your finances appear promising

Your romantic matters will naturally go well, you'll just have to plan your moves


The bonds that tie you to someone you love become stronger. Relaxed chats will allow you to reconnect after a crisis, and the touch of the other person’s skin will remind you of the best moments you’ve lived.

Plus, fortunately, your love matters will naturally go well, you’ll just have to choose the course and things will flow on their own.

Taurus who are single will recover some old dreams, although you’re likely to pick someone who’s not good for you or who will toy with your feelings. You want to be in a relationship so much, that you lower your bar too much.

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The day favours individual jobs; it's not that you won’t work well as part of a team, mind you, but that you’ll be more efficient if you don’t have to report every single one of your steps to someone else. Entrepreneurs will also start reaping the rewards of their work.

Plus, the bad professional experiences of some friends or relatives will make you doubt your colleagues, perhaps because they might steal some of your ideas or use you in any sense.

When it comes to your finances, things will be very promising. As we’ve already explained, Taurus will be going through a period of reaping what they’ve sown and gifted; some of your most peculiar investments will yield the best results for you.


You’re barely coping with the changes; more specifically, the latest that have taken place in your life (personal, professional or both) have thrown you off and, for this reason, you’ll suffer headaches or some anxiety.

The cure to all your woes is your bed: you should try to rest well so you can recover your strength. If your back hurts in the mornings, you should consider changing your mattress.

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