The Taurus sign

Taurus Horoscope – Monday, December 28, 2020: Respect rules and protocols

You want to achieve success, so you should channel that energy into giving the best of yourself


Your desire to boast vanishes, Taurus.  The stars advise you to be careful with the way you present your relationships online.

Admit that once or twice you’ve shared messages or pictures which seemed to show that your life was all happiness when in truth you had argued or simply clashed over matters of your daily life.

If you’re single don’t waste your time telling everyone how excited you are about a new love; wait for it to be solid before making public introductions.

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Around you there’s a small devil who invites you to break the rules at work, to take shortcuts leaving the law and your morals aside.

It’s true that you want to achieve success, but you should channel this energy into giving the best of yourself. You're sure to have a lot of great hidden (or repressed) potential.

Above all, be sensible at all times, be meticulous with keeping to your schedule, and rigorously stick to the protocols of your company or field. There might be more eyes on you thank you think, following your every step.


You feel responsible for the happiness of those around you, and you’ll double your efforts to see them smile.  It will be exhausting, but it will fill you with satisfaction on many levels.

Are you going to exercise? This 28th of December you’ll be interested in team sports, because they develop your focus, boost your discipline, and favor strategic thinking.

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