Taurus Horoscope Friday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Friday, August 28, 2020: You'll pay more attention to your eyes than to your heart

You'll enjoy extra wisdom, which will allow you to get rid of that which slows you down


You’re a radical lover and you have a great desire to make the most of every minute of this Friday, which will be undoubtedly special. The problem will be your haste: Taurus wants to have everything at hand, and also very quickly.

The stars will give you a third eye, so to speak: you’ll have an extra measure of wisdom which will allow you to get rid of anything that slows you down. We speak of romantic problems as well as problems with relatives and friends.

If you're single, Taurus, your vitality pushed you to experience physical relations to the fullest: you’ll pay more attention to your eyes than to your heart. In spite of this, that beautiful person you like so much will end up appearing boring and plain in your eyes.

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On a romantic level you’ll be protected by the Horoscope, unfortunately, that protection ends when it comes to your work and money areas!

You have a somewhat complicated personality (even if you swear that’s not the case). You’re not managing your finances well and you don’t want to think long-term.

Plus, you’re too good for certain matters and you attribute no value to money; in others, however, you become a miserable Taurus who watches every penny, and haggles even in places where it is not possible to haggle.

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The only ailment you might suffer today will be linked to your digestive system.  You’d do well to eat a soft diet, with no raw, fried or battered foods. Also, keep an eye on those foods which you might be intolerant to. To promote bowel movement, you’ll find plumbs are your best allies.

Also, learn to enjoy your free time, there’s more to life than work. Make some time in the week for yourself, to work on your hobbies and talent, alright?