Taurus Horoscope Sunday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Sunday, September 27, 2020: Face your future

Professional committments are irrelevant matters, you'll take everything very lightly


Domestic and mundane matters, such as whose turn it is to put a wash in or to go to the shop, will cause disputes and clashes in your relationship (especially if you have a family event planned for today).

Admit that many of your behaviours could be improved; for you, they’re small things and you’re making no effort to find a solution, even though it drives your partner up the wall. If things blow up, you’ll have to apologize over and over again.

As a single Taurus, you shouldn’t be discouraged, even if you feel the world is against you. Today you’ll see that your future isn’t bleak at all and, if you open the door, someone will come into your life with the intention of touching your heart.

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Professional commitments are unimportant matters for you, this Sunday you want to take things in a more relaxed and happy way. You won’t hesitate to postpone some encounters (whether in person or digital ones).

However, make sure you don’t make these dodging commitments a habit, otherwise, you’ll regret it deeply in the future. You have to make an effort to give a good image if you want to achieve success in the upcoming week.

Start facing the future, you can’t base your finances around covering holes here and there.


Have one thing clear: you’re not as ill as you think, there’s nothing wrong with your body, at least nothing you don’t know about. You’re just tired, you need to take a break and breathe in.

Likewise, you should purify the atmosphere around you with some incense, to get rid of the bad vibes. This Sunday you have to recover because you’re about to start a new week!

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