Taurus Saturday on a night sky background

Taurus Horoscope – Saturday, March 27, 2021: Family reunions will fill you with joy

You'll see that neither time nor distance has broken the trust you had already built


This weekend is ideal to organize a family reunion and strengthen bonds that have been weakened.  You’ll realize that neither time nor distance have broken the trust you had already built.

Another beautiful option will be to visit an uncle (or grandparent) who almost never leaves their home, they will wholeheartedly thank you for your company.

You’re currently giving less in your relationship than you used to give in the past; you feel a bit exhausted, and you’ll think about how to give your soul some air. A little piece of advice, Taurus, don’t get too used to your other half being the one doing all the effort.

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For Taurus who are looking for a job, the stars will favour job mobility. You’ll have to play your best cards, making yourself stand out. Although it’s the weekend, you should still knock on new doors, make the most of any opportunity to reach your goals.

Staying with your arms folded is never a good idea. You need to be more proactive, also if you’re looking to change jobs.

In order to make more cash, you should consider looking among your old books, CDs and other items stashed away in your attic. Some items might be collectible and fetch a good price in second-hand stores.


The energy of those who have been feeling drained will be restored. But don’t overdo it: always keep a safe margin in any activities you undertake.

Don’t become obsessed with the hygiene of your ears: cleaning them all the time could be just as bad as constantly neglecting them (and careful with cotton buds).

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