Taurus Horoscope – Wednesday, January 27, 2021: Invest time and money at work

Your love life will cause envy in those around you, and your passion increases


You’ll feel like the main character in one of those fairytales which your parents used to read to you when you were little. You feel that magic is everywhere and that from one moment to the next the prince or princess of your dreams could appear under your window to declare their love.

Admit that you’re a bit naive, Taurus, but perhaps animated films are to blame. But you are also not off track, as the stars will help you have an incredibly happy day.

In fact, your married life will be the envy of many who know you, and your passion will increase scandalously. In this same sense, those who are divorced might experience a particularly steamy, yet complicated, reconciliation.

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In order to be more efficient at work you’ll have to consider a series of investments to improve your workplace. Seek stimuli that inspire you and help you be more competitive.

You want to choose natural light over artificial light; spending all day next to an artificial source of light tires your eyesight and, if you do it continuously, this fatigue will extend to the whole of your body. A plant could also bring you joy.

You also need to put everything in order; when things are untidy your mind gets blocked. File bills and contracts, throw away that which you no longer need, get to work!


There is a lot of information available on new sports, some of which might be a good fit for you. There’s life beyond football, basketball and other mainstream sports.

Don’t think that anything is beyond your reach; develop your sportsmanship, as there are plenty of people who share your interests and who are of a similar age and in a similar physical shape.

In order to feel better you should drink green tea or horsetail infusions, it will help you fight water retention.

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