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Taurus Horoscope – Sunday, December 27, 2020: Protect yourself from envy

Avoid airing out the less known chapters of your intimate life, there's really no need


At times you’re too reckless, Taurus, and this is something you must admit.  This Sunday the stars invite you to be more discreet and to avoid airing the less known chapters of your intimate life, there’s really no need to brag.

It doesn’t matter if you're having an affair with a famous person or if you're reminiscing about a wild night with someone you now see often. It’s completely unnecessary, you disrupt the cordiality, plus there’ll be people who will label you as indiscreet.

At least in your family things will be in order. You’ll be good at pacifying arguments, and you’ll give good tools to those around you in order to handle the stickiest of situations.

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You’ll have to protect yourself from professional jealousy and envy; there’ll be wolves in sheep’s clothing around you, who will as soon applaud your achievements as stab you in the back.

Likewise, you should avoid falling into those toxic games of trying to pull the rug out from under the next person. Let every person stand on their own, stop worrying about what others do. If you want to fight for a promotion, do it fairly, without sinking your competitors.

The mistakes you make on this Sunday the 27th of December can have dire consequences; control your ferocity.


Stop playing doctor: if you have an illness or ailment don't try to treat it on your own, thinking you know everything about your health. You don’t know your body as well as you say you do.

Try to wear comfortable shoes today: foot pain might make the fatigue accumulated throughout the week multiply tenfold.

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