Taurus Horoscope Thursday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Thursday, August 27, 2020: Practice active listening

You'll be full of courage and you'll do the difficult tasks you had been postponing for a long time


You’ll struggle to smile during this last Thursday of August;  it’s not that you're sad or angry at the world. It’s just that the day appears grey and you don’t know how to add more cheerful tones to your life.

Your partner won’t be able to understand your attitude and they might harass you with a thousand and one questions. It would be good if you clarified that your foul mood is not their fault; that tomorrow will be a new day and that, without a doubt, the sun will shine especially for you.

With this attitude, the single Taurus will let their latest conquests slip away. And it’s a shame, there’s someone who is very good inside and who has great intentions who was looking forward to getting to know you in depth.

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Work on your active listening, this is essential if you want to have more integrity and maturity as a professional.  The problem is that you won’t know who has life lessons to share with you and who will waste your time with stories that go nowhere.

Advocate simplicity in business; the more complex transactions might lead to disappointment. If you want to invest, do it with the help of the best advisers.

Taurus who are currently unemployed should dig up their dreams, their true vocation, and fight hard for them. Life will slip through your fingers if you keep this passive attitude.

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Health will be the best area for Taurus; your dynamism will be great, your heart is full of courage and you’ll tackle the difficult tasks you’ve been postponing for a while, such as moving the living room furniture around.

Plus, your interest in sports grows, especially for those which are foreign. You know that exercising is easy, you just need to find the right activity for your age and situation.