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Your Daily Taurus Horoscope for Wednesday, October 26th, 2022

Don't leave your family and friends behind, Taurus


Taurus, you might not have the best attitude on dates; try not to forget about your partner when you meet in a larger group. You don't need to get all lovey-dovey in public, but don't forget that they're there. The fact of ignoring them could make them feel like you've given up.

If you're single, apply that same routine to those around you. Pay attention to every single friend you hang out with. None of them are less than the rest.

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Taurus, your Horoscope warns your finances are quite prosperous, and this might even be among the most positive stages ever for you. Today, the Stars will be on your side when it comes to money. You'll get more than a single unexpected bonus or refund in your account, and it will do wonders.

You won't have too many expenses either, because your transport and meals today will come for free. Take advantage of this circumstance, it's quite unusual!


Taurus, today won't be your best day at work. Your latest project might not have been as successful as you expected. Perhaps a colleague of yours has chosen a more futuristic, bolder proposal, and it made your managers get interested. Even if you're disappointed about not taking the win, try to be a good sport and a good loser. Congratulate your colleague and appreciate their sacrifice. Their ideas might even inspire you in the end.


You won't spend a dime at that luxurious trendy restaurant, Taurus. A best friend of yours will take initiative and buy you lunch. Enjoy what's coming for you, you're so lucky!


Taurus, you might want to plan your daily activities a little better. You could be feeling a little more worn out than usual. That exhaustion certainly comes from poor organization. There are times when you try to tackle it all when you know that deep down you can't reach it. Try to do a bit better from now on. Only you can do it.