Taurus Horoscope Monday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Monday, October 26, 2020: Imitating others could lead you to success

You'll seek a space of solitude where you can silently reflect, alone with your own essence


An exaggerated crisis of individualism can shake your relationship, and it will spoil the celebrations you had planned. You’ll have to treat your spouse especially well and don’t let anxiety dominate over common sense.

In order to find your personal balance, you need a space of solitude where to reflect in silence with your own essence. But don’t isolate yourself without saying anything to your family; otherwise, they’ll become worried about your emotional and mental health.

The situation will weigh you down if you're a single Taurus. You won’t be in the mood to fall in love, you prefer to explore your secret garden and complete yourself.

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The stars invite you to imitate other people’s personalities (of the kind you consider your role models) in order to achieve professional success. However, do it without forgetting your own essence.

If you copy their behaviors and mask your abilities you might even end up copying their mistakes, and you’ll struggle to realize you're doing it!

Some might feel especially attracted to a colleague, although you shouldn't mix business with pleasure. It doesn’t tend to end well.

Aside from this, this Monday the 26th of October will elapse without any major financial frights, everything will very ordinary.

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There aren’t any major health problems in sight, only the ones you already know about.  You’ll notice an improvement if you’ve suffered a neck or back injury during the weekend.

Unrestrained gluttony might cause problems with your digestive system, so watch the quantity and the quality of the food you put on the table. If you overeat, aid your body with green aniseed or chamomile infusions.

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