Taurus Horoscope Thursday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Thursday, November 26, 2020: Your diplomacy opens professional doors for you

You'll have to double the attentions you have towards your partner, they might bee feeling neglected


You’re going through a rather superficial day, where you’ll get carried away by appearances and physical attributes, and you’ll undervalue the beauty people carry in their hearts. It’s okay if you take this as a specific event, but don’t make this your life’s philosophy.

At the same time, your pleasure in self-care and in appearing attractive to others will be enhanced. You want to be showered with compliments, and to have all eyes on you. You want to be the star of the day.

You’ll have to double the attentions you have towards your partner, who might feel neglected, Taurus.  And don’t distrust their affection or faithfulness, jealousy does not become you.

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You’ll have great diplomacy which will open many new professional doors.  Your sociability allows you to strike conversation with very important people, and few people will say no to your proposals. The way in which you project self-confidence is a synonym of success.

If you’re an unemployed Taurus, you’ll have to seek optimism everywhere. Go through your contact book and see if anyone could recommend you to their company, or, at least, write a letter of recommendation.

Update your professional online profiles and keep an eye out for new job offers. And double check your grammar and spelling, to avoid creating a bad impression with a potential employer.

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Your health couldn’t be classed as bad, but your body might complain at times, especially if you move in areas where the temperature changes abruptly.

Try not to be rigid today, improvise in some situations and stay alert to the lessons you might derive from your elders.