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Daily Horoscope for Taurus for Thursday, May 26, 2022

Don't fall prey to temptation, Taurus


Taurus, today the Stars will be on your side when it comes to external conflict. That chronic, long-term tension you've been experiencing might burst open today.

If this takes place between those that are dearest to you, you'd be better off making an intervention.

Today you'll need to be the mediator to bring some peace and reason into this absurd battle.

Don't let your balance fall towards either side; they need you to be unbiased. Make them see it isn't worth their while to fight.


Taurus, your Horoscope for today says you might want to start saving up. That's right, the latest financial hit you've received might have left you defenceless.

When times get hard, your priority is to forget about certain expenses until your recovery is complete.

All you need to do is to give up on any little whim that might prove tempting throughout the day.

As hard as you may find it to believe, what you save up today can be of great help tomorrow. Make that sacrifice now, and you'll be thankful in the long run.


Even if it seems unfair, bullies always find support, Taurus. Even if you think conflict at the workplace is stupid, you must be careful.

Your rival might be spreading their influence around you, using fear as their main weapon.

Watch out for those that start hanging around out of the blue; they could be accomplices to your rival's cause.

Keep connecting only to those you know you can trust, and be very careful. You must avoid the situation from going on any longer.


One of your biggest issues is your lack of self-esteem, Taurus. You shouldn't find solutions outside, or depend on those around you to boost it.

Your self-love lives inside you, so only you can nourish it into growing.

No matter how much you seek happiness, you won't find it outside until you're feeling good inside.

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