Taurus Friday on a night sky background

Taurus Horoscope – Friday, March 26, 2021: Have a relaxed day, without pretense

Your way of understanding love largely matches popular culture


Your way of understanding love largely matches popular culture.  You dream of having an epic romance like in the films, and if it can be a rom-com, all the better.

Don’t forget, Taurus, that films can also have sad endings, even for the greatest love stories; many characters don’t end up together because it simply cannot be.

Live your life in a relaxed way, don’t obsess over the appearance of stability and use your time on making your spouse happy, that’s all. If you’re single, you shouldn’t focus on the irrelevant aspects of the person you like.

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It will be a positive day on a professional level. You’ll be strongly motivated to achieve your goals, plus, difficulties will stimulate you.

However, you should be careful with your impulsiveness; don’t try to split hairs or defy anyone with more experience than you.

It’s time to look after your home and see how you could reduce recurring expenses such as the light bill. If you need to change the light bulbs, try to use LED ones and, if you have to buy new appliances, check their energy efficiency ratings.


Fatigue wreaks havoc on your ability to focus. As well as resting, you should try to meditate to find your bearings.

You’ll need to be calm to avid confusions or falling back into old habits. You shouldn’t open the doors to your deep dark past (the kind we all have).

For your health to shine you should ensure you establish reasonable goals for your physical condition and age. Don’t be too ambitious, Taurus, keep your feet on the ground.

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