Taurus Friday on a night sky background

Taurus Horoscope – Friday, February 26, 2021: Be prudent, but not cowardly

Rest assured that peace will be with you, as there won't be uncomfortable subjects to deal with


The stars see a very intense love story appear in Taurus’s horizon. If you’re single, you’ll be very interested in what you're seeing, but you’re afraid of putting your heart on the line, you don’t want to have it broken.

Be prudent, but don’t be a coward. Bring out your best smile, look after your appearance and you’ll be irresistible. Anyone who crosses your path will see the beauty of your body and soul.

As if this wasn’t enough, those who are married will have a good protection for their life as a couple. Rest assured that serenity will mark this Friday, where you won’t have uncomfortable subjects to deal with.

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You have a strangle desire to get money through means you would have never imagined before. You feel this is helping you progress, no matter how complicated the situation might appear at a first glance.

You’ll want to tackle a thousand activities and investments, even in fields where you have no previous experience. Those who love you (and are more experienced than you) will point out the obstacles in your path, to help you not give up.

The day will be especially powerful for those who haven’t been working at their job for long. At times you’ll find yourself more and more focused, as if you had been at it all your life.


You’ll do very well in your health, but you also shouldn’t waste energy on activities you don’t enjoy.  The thing is that it’s better to manage your strength wisely.

At times, especially towards noon, your gluttony can get out of hand and you’ll end up eating things which you’ll later regret. In truth you won’t eat because you’re hungry, but because you’re bored.

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