The Taurus sign surrounded by stars

Taurus Horoscope – Saturday, December 26, 2020: Take out the ace you have up your sleeve

You need to make the most of all your potential, you still have great things to do


You have a very positive attitude in life, this is a moment where you blindly trust in the goodness of everyone around you (even strangers) and you try to transmit that thought t your family and partner.

Unfortunately, this Saturday Taurus will corroborate that they don’t live in a fairy-tale, but in a harsh reality, and they’ll realize that some people they appreciated where, in truth, wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Those who are single will strive to have a date full of surprises and magic, but the other party’s interests will be opposite to theirs, and that will disappoint them somewhat.

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Your communication isn’t very fluid, therefore, there’ll be problems closing business deals or agreeing on the clauses for them. There’ll be agreements that will be broken before they can even be signed, because the parties won’t be happy with it.

A piece of advice: don’t waste all of your ammunition trying to sort the situation. It’s better to give up, accept defeat and turn over a new leaf. Then you’ll start creating other plans in order to achieve the wealth that life denies you right now.

You need to milk all of the potential within you, Taurus, you still have great things to do. Although you’ll be going through very tough months, you know the world isn't ending. Perhaps it’s time to bring out that ace you’re hiding up your sleeve and leave everyone speechless.


Your mood will come and go throughout the day, and you dream of someone who will protect you from external harm.  However, your heart is what will truly help you find emotional stability.

In order for your health to be good, don’t become a slave to your own impulses and whims on this 26th of December.

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