Taurus Horoscope Sunday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Sunday, October 25, 2020: You'll finish the week with great confidence

Request advice from your closest friends when you have doubts about your love life


You’ll finish the week feeling very confident.  You’re convinced of your power of seduction, you think you can lead your partner down any path you choose as if you were a hypnotist. You’ll probably achieve it this time, but you’ll be wrong to think things will always go your way.

What’s more, your love might be damaged if you always behave like a little dictator, who gives orders and expects their orders to be fulfilled. Work on creating a warm and friendly atmosphere between the two of you, Taurus.

If you're single, you ask yourself how to woo this person you like so much. Request the advice of your closest friends, they’ll give you the key to achieve this; however, there’s still a long way to go before the wedding bells sound.

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You’re clearly more relaxed and peaceful than ever in your professional life. You have great emotional balance, and it shows.

Now you have to focus on time, on valuing your hours, your minutes, finding work/life balance. Have you thought of how many hours you have to work in order to invite your partner to the theatre or to pay for the light bill, for example?

Live in the moment, being the richest corpse in the graveyard is pointless. Enjoy what you have, share with your loved ones.

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You’ll be all fire, you’ll be in great, faultless, physical shape, and you’ll be full of joy for living. You’ll avoid frustration at all times. This 25th of October is meant for you to enjoy, and for ridding your mind of bad thoughts.

You can allow yourself some culinary treats, but do it in small quantities, of course. This way tomorrow you won’t lament yourself when you step on the scales.

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