The Taurus sign

Taurus Horoscope – Monday, January 25, 2021: Love will rule your life, but it won't fix your problems

Do what your heart tells you to, someone who doesn't break the rules can't change the world


The feeling of love will reign above all else in your life.  Don’t think all will be idyllic, as your current problems will stay there, they won’t spontaneously disappear.

Try to live with your way of seeing the world as you banner. Listen to your heart, Taurus, don’t repress your feelings or preferences. Perhaps you’ll like someone who doesn’t fit with your social status and profession, but those who don’t break the rules can’t change the world.

Those who are in a relationship will oscillate between what their intuition is telling them and their own preferences. You don’t know to what extent making sacrifices for you other half makes you actually happy.

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Look for a job if you’re unemployed. The week starts with good news for your professional life, plus, you’ll receive confidential information which, at the moment, very few know about. Move quickly, don’t give up and you’ll manage to get anywhere you want to go.

When it comes to your finances, you’ll also be very determined and you’ll do anything in your power to save up considerably.

Don’t forget it: practically all of your bare necessities can be found at a lower price, you just need to shop around. Plus, you’ll have a magnet for all sorts of promotions, coupons and discounts.


Your stomach will be somewhat sensitive during this last Monday of the month; avoid spicy food as much as possible, as you might end up breathing fire like an actual dragon.

Train your brain by reading more when you go to bed, a novel by your favourite author, for example. That aside, there won’t be anything else of note when it comes to your health.

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