Taurus Thursday on a night sky background

Taurus Horoscope – Thursday, February 25, 2021: No one will lead you astray from the good path

You feel that making your beloved happy is very easy (at least right now)


You take a step forward in your love story. You’re in a very comfortable situation where your bonds become stronger with relatively little effort. You feel that making your other half happy is child’s play (at least right now).

However, you’ll have to get rid of some malicious people who will try to throw dirt at you because they’re jealous. You can’t manage to understand why some people suffer so much with other people’s success.

Your feelings, Taurus, are very flexible, and you will be amenable to changing some of your cohabitation rules. You have to understand that both of you need your freedom, and you shouldn’t have to explain your every move (it’s not healthy).

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This comfortable situation the stars speak of in your love will be extrapolated to your professional life, but here it becomes dangerous. The thing is that if you stay with your arms crossed and wait for things to happen on their own, you’ll be knocking on the door to failure.

Fight back any hint of laziness, keep fighting for your dreams with the same illusion, and improve (or recycle) some of your knowledge to show that you’re still standing tall. No one will be able to lead you astray from the good path, no matter how many obstacles they throw your way.


Around you there are good natured people with the best intentions; listen to the advice they give you to improve your health. Sometimes you need an outside perspective to understand the root cause of problems.

The stress of your current hectic lifestyle will cause discomfort in your neck and back; more than a masseuse (which is always a good option anyway), what you need is to rest properly.

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