Taurus Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Tuesday, August 25, 2020: Communication within your company will be promoted

Judicious Taurus will have fortune on their side; prudence will be your best weapon


People around you are acting weird. Or is it you, Taurus, who can’t seem to fit in?  The answer doesn't matter, but it does indicate that some compliments you express today might be misunderstood by many.

There are people who don’t take kindly to you mentioning their weight loss or gain, or to being told that they look younger than they are.

In your relationship, you should lose your fear of saying the things that bother you. Talk about it, even if it’s something you’ve been keeping quiet for a while. Break with convention, move forward and hold your head up high.

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This Tuesday your business communication is enhanced. You could demand from your bosses something that is rightfully yours (days off, payment for overtime), but always try to be polite. If you feel you're getting angry, you’d be better off aborting the mission, because you’ll lose credibility.

Those who have a hearing, or who have to write down the terms of a professional agreement, will have fortune on their side. Prudence and circumspection should guide your actions.

You’ll be creative, Taurus, but don’t play your hand too fast: the ideas you think are original could be a trap. Could you hone them a bit more?

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Avoid unnecessary efforts; your energy levels have seen better days. If you don’t listen to your body you might end up exhausted very quickly.

Complement your diet with some fruit, if it’s rich in fibre all the better: it will help you feel satiated. We repeat: fruit, not juice or other naturally flavoured sugary drinks.

Those who spend many hours sitting down (because they work in an office, for example) should exercise a bit, this way they’ll avoid pain in their neck and back.

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