Taurus Horoscope Thursday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Thursday, September 24, 2020: Secondary roles will be very appealing to you

You have a great radar to identify the wolves disguised as lambs


Taurus, in your romantic and personal relationships there’s a big lack of communication but admit that you’re mainly to blame. Sometimes you’d rather complain on social media than argue face to face about delicate subjects.

To allow peace to reign this Thursday you’ll have to make a lot of small efforts; you’re not unwise, Taurus, and light is within your reach.

Those who argue with their partner should try to put themselves in the other person’s shoes; sometimes they complain with you because they can’t vent with other people. Don’t think your life is the only complicated one, the lives of others are just as complicated.

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You have a great radar to identify wolves disguised as lambs, as well as colleagues whose smile is just as fake as they are.

You’ll be very alert to avoid making mistakes, you really don’t want to be called out on things.  You’ll prefer secondary roles to lead ones, at least today; this way you’ll hide your weaknesses.

You’ll be a great student, you won’t struggle to follow the instructions of your teachers or bosses, and you’ll try to learn both from your mistakes and from those made by people who are close to you.

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What could destabilize your health the most will be your anxiety; temperance will certainly not be one of your greatest qualities, and your focus might falter at times.

To channel the bad vibes (both those in you and those you've absorbed from other people) you should practice sports or any other activity which requires physical movement and focus.

Water will also allow you to reconcile with the world, whether through swimming, taking a walk by a water source, or even a relaxing shower.