Taurus Horoscope – Sunday, January 24, 2021: Family relations are favoured

You finish the week without too many romantic worries, you're willing to enjoy


You finish the week without too many worries. Single Taurus will be able to go on a trip, if they so wish, no one in their close circle will complain about it.  And, perhaps, being far from home, they’ll meet someone who will give them butterflies in their tummy.

Within marriages there’ll be disagreements between what you think and what your partner thinks; your emotional intelligence allows you to understand that those little quarrels will sort themselves out, and that it’s better to use your time towards doing things that bring you closer.

Family rapports are favoured and, for this reason, your children (or parents, why not) might introduce you to their new partner, whom you’ll get on with like a house on fire.

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You’ll slow down at work; it’s Sunday and you don’t feel like being competitive.  So long as your pace is steady and you have good results, you’ll have nothing to worry about, according to the Horoscope.

Your attitude won’t be bad at all and if a colleague is filled with joy, you will help spread it.

Some lucky Taurus will receive confidential news regarding their most ambitious projects. Perhaps you’ll be given the green light to go all in with your project and start building your fortune.


Those who have recently changes a medical treatment might feel temporary discomfort;  their stomach might rumble for no apparent reason, or they might find themselves visiting the privy more than usual. If the problem persists, then you must consult a doctor, of course.

The day will be somewhat stressful for those who have recently become parents, regardless of whether it’s their first child or their tenth. You’ll be a bit stressed out trying to juggle your schedule to cover both your professional and personal duties.

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