Taurus Wednesday on a night sky background

Taurus Horoscope – Wednesday, February 24, 2021: Some secrets will come to light

Anything you hide could become a subject of conversation, be careful


It’s a good day for secrets to come to light; be careful if you’re leading a double life, or if you’re flirting with people at work and your partner doesn’t know about it.  If you’re hiding anything, it might become a subject of confirmation.

Therefore, Taurus, you want to keep your foot on the break and enjoy life and its small magical moments more, without biting the apple of temptation over and over again.

Those who are single will feel they have the strength of a volcano, with great natural charm. The stars also tell you, for this last Wednesday of the month, that you’ll feel a certain level of fatigue, and you’ll be forced to reduce the speed of your conquests.

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You want to spend a good part of your energy and focus on improving your emotional balance. Look for a good dose of balm to heal the wounds you may have caused in some of your work colleagues during heated arguments.

You’ll surely achieve your goal successfully, Scorpio, because the astral influence will be enhanced by good development and growth opportunities.

It’s not all good news though. You’ll have to stay alert with your money, there is an external agent that makes you the target of con artists or people who conduct shady business.


You might have a nasty surprise in your family, a relative will tell you they have a health problem (and they’ll make it sound worse than it is), or that they’re undergoing some form of therapy which clashes with some of your fundamental principles.

You’ll be more or less well, perhaps a headache might accost you at a given point, but you won’t need medication to make it go away. Just resting well and reconsidering the way you see the world will be enough.

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