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Taurus Horoscope – Thursday, December 24, 2020: Time is gold and you shouldn't waste it

Family problems will be solved in a natural way, enjoy your Christmas Eve


You’ll find it very easy to close the door to the past, as well as to all the ghosts that live there.  The new year is ever nearer, and you want to start it with your heart free of wounds, with illusion and hope.

In this same sense there’ll be Taurus who will think about finally breaking up with their partner; if the relationship is broken you shouldn’t wait until after Christmas to put an end to it. Time is gold and you shouldn't waste it.

You’ll be a very loyal and faithful person, who will give great importance to promises. You’ll fulfil any outstanding ones, and you’ll demand that your other half do likewise. In your family problems will be solved in a natural manner.

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You need to be as responsible as ever; although the day is marked by the Christmas celebrations, you can’t let your guard down. Furthermore, perhaps someone will be tracking your movements more than ever, taking not both your good actions and your failures.

Your mind is already on 2021 and you think of making a change in your professional life, although you’re not sure which change would be best for you. Changing jobs? Trying your luck in a different area?

Listen to your heart and remember what your true vocation is and do everything you can to do it. Very few things in life are more satisfying that making a living doing something that makes you happy.


Do you tend to eat very fast during meals? Your appetite might be telling that you have some anxiety; likewise, grief might make you lose your appetite.

You’re a very fertile sign today, so make the most of it to sow the seed if you were planning on expanding the family.

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