Taurus Horoscope Monday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Monday, August 24, 2020: Take the reins of your life

You'll find better resources to make others value your most innovative ideas


If your relationship is currently going through a rough patch, you won’t be able to ignore everything and just keep going as if nothing.  Take the reins of your life, especially if you're going through a decisive moment in terms of your emotions and feelings.

Are you thinking about ending your marriage, Taurus? It might be time to say it out loud, without remorse, so everything can end in the best possible manner.

Those who are single shouldn’t trust any recent love declarations: this person is as attractive as they are dishonest (which your sixth sense is already telling you).

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Taurus, your head will be full of creative projects, you’ll find the best resources to value your most innovative ideas. Your intuition and creativity are enhanced, and you’re guarded from envy and jealousy.

Those who are tired of their company’s routine should start considering a change of direction. How long has it been since you last sent your resume out?

The day will be tougher than usual for those who are studying; your head will be on your shoulders only in the literal sense. In reality, it will be up in the clouds.

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Your way of looking after your health is unique; you’ll combine moments of neglect with others where you become extremely rigid. Right now, however, you’re expecting to see great effects on your body with little to no effort.

Being in good shape isn’t something that can be achieved overnight, and you should avoid miracle weight loss or muscle builder plans.

Take better care of your hours of rest; not just because you need to rest, but, because good rest also helps reduce the risk of obesity and depression, amongst other illnesses.

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