Taurus Horoscope Monday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Monday, November 23, 2020: You'll receive good professional offers

You become better at saving money, you understand that you can't be wasting your resources


You feel like a supporting role in the movie of if your life, above all in your love life. Could there be someone who’s stolen the spotlight in every scene?

You have to find your centre, Taurus, and take the reins of your heart and that of your partner’s, to lead them wherever you please. Even to the seventh heaven if that’s what you want. The main thing is to give all of yourself at all times.

Open up your soul if you’re single. Show the light within you, which sometimes you dim with your shyness. Don’t be afraid to confess your love, however complicated the circumstances may be.

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This Monday will be full of dynamisms when it comes to your work and money: buckle up because anything could happen.

Those who are unemployed will see their phone ring, bringing a nice job offer; it won’t be your dream job, but it will allow you to pay the bills and gain experience. Any opportunities to get yourself out there should be valued as if it were gold.

On the other hand, you become a more frugal Taurus, who understands you shouldn’t waste money, no matter how many offers you see around you. You can’t have everything in life, you must learn how to choose.

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It would be a good idea to write your dreams down every morning as soon as you wake up; your mind is sending you signals, but you still haven't figured out what they are.

This is a very good Monday for reinventing yourself, after brief but very tricky period, you’re full of energy and vitality, and you’ll change the things you don’t like.

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