Taurus Tuesday on a night sky background

Taurus Horoscope – Tuesday, March 23, 2021: You learn to respect yourself more

Breathe and look to the future with optimism, you're surrounded by faithful and honest people


You’ve been feeling an uncontrollable feeling of loneliness, which could become your greatest enemy. Taurus, take a deep breath and look to the future with optimism, you’re surrounded by faithful and honest people, whom you can trust fully in the face of anything life might throw your way.

If you’re single, you should approach that person you’ve been holding a candle for; between you there’ll be special chemistry, you need only find the key to open their heart wide.

For those who are married, the stars will propitiate a series of conversations that could become racy.  Play your cards right if you want to get the big prize, it’s within your reach.

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Some of your colleagues have behaviours which you don’t like at all. Plus, some of your tasks aren’t coming out right and you’re even asking yourself if some nasty person has cast the evil eye on you.

You need to be aware of your potential, of your inner energy. You might make everything flow differently; you should make the most of all your skill to handle conflicts. It’s time to dot the i’s and cross the t’s, this way you’ll manage to get everything back on track.

Someone (your accountant, for example), might ask for some paperwork linked to your accounts and your business. So, it’s best to have all your files up to date.


Don’t stop doing that exercise you like so much; perhaps your body and resilience aren’t what they used to be, but any activity can be adapted to your current circumstances. Consistency is very important, even essential, to prevent you from getting rusty.

It’s time to value what you have and respect yourself; often you let yourself be blinded by mundane passions and overstep dark boundaries.

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