The Taurus sign surrounded by stars

Taurus Horoscope – Saturday, January 23, 2021: You'll go through a period of romantic success

You're not willing to let down your guard under any pretext, in order to keep a warm home


If you bring out your most seductive side, you’ll experience a moment that will mark a great period in the book of your love life and in your relationship, without a doubt. You’ll be proud of yourself, of what you've achieved in life, and you’ll use your beautiful balance well.

Taurus who are married will want to strengthen their conjugal bonds. Keeping a stable home requires constant work and you’re not willing to let your guard down for any reason.

Those who are single will make the most of this Saturday to kindle a great passion which will become solid and long-lasting. You’ll find someone who will make you happily relinquish your beloved freedom.

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There are people who are very envious of you, and have been sending you verbal attacks.  We might be talking about arguments about the allocation of shifts, or because they think you’re receiving benefits which you shouldn’t be getting. They’ll be green with envy, but they won’t dare admit it.

Your relaxed nature makes you avoid conflict. You don’t want to waste your Saturday fighting with anyone, you’re as interested in fighting as you are in chopping off one of their fingers.

However, you should defend your dignity and honour and silence anyone who tries to tarnish any aspect of your professional reputation. You need to know that if you let them walk all over you once, nothing will stop them doing it again.


Your nervous resilience will be excellent and your health shouldn’t be a problem. You’ll be very wise and even a bit fearful; you’ll avoid doing some simple exercises or leisure activities for fear of getting injured.

If you suffer from varicose veins on your legs, caused by your weight, you should consult your doctor to get them checked. There could be new treatments to help improve your quality of life.

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