Taurus Tuesday on a night sky background

Taurus Horoscope – Tuesday, February 23, 2021: You see beyond your romantic commitment

You'll be very generous with others, you'll worry about the less fortunate


You’ll try to understand your partner better, this Tuesday will be the perfect day to try new communication strategies. Observe their gestures and listen to their concerns, it’s about discovering the small details, those that make your beloved unique.

You’ll enjoy happy moments and you’ll be able to savour them (without letting your guard down, nevertheless). The goddess Venus will lend you a hand to enjoy stimulating romances.

For single Taurus, the horoscope indicates the need to take a step forward towards a more serious commitment. If you keep escaping your responsibilities, the person you now like will take a one-way ticket out of your life.

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You’ll feel disoriented. As they say, you’ll hear bells and you won’t know where they’re coming from. Your head will get distracted very easily and you mind will be rather slow, as if you needed training to catch the meaning of things.

With this decrease in your levels of attention you might make certain mistakes which could be more or less critical at work.  Unfortunately, if you mess up then everything is likely to reach the ears of your supervisors sooner than expected. You won’t be great at pretending.

One last piece of advice, the stars invite you to be humble, accepting your mistakes and not blaming those around you. You should also control your competitors, who might benefit from your gravest mistakes.


In order to fight this lack of communication, you should try to rest well (without oversleeping, which is counter-productive). In this sense, you should try to avoid napping for too long.

You’ll have great solidarity, you’ll worry about the less fortunate and you’ll check that, in truth, you’re very privileged.

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