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Taurus Horoscope – Wednesday, December 23, 2020: It's time to silence some people

You think that something's missing for you to be happy, and you can't quite put your finger on what that is


It’s time to silence people. There are people close to you who meddle in your romantic matters and express their opinion (without you having asked for it) on how you should experience your relationship or handle your domestic matters.

Don’t let anyone judge the way you love, and put distance if anyone tries to tell you that you should be with someone better than your current spouse.

Bring out your more seductive side, if you’re a single Taurus; use your freedom to love to meet new people. You’ll be attracted to someone whose culture of outlook on  life is, at a first glance, radically opposed to your own.

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Control the image you project on social media, both your personal and your professional accounts; you might jeopardize your future due to inappropriate comments or pictures.

The thing is, even the silliest things published many years ago can take on a different meaning in the present day.

Likewise, you should protect your privacy, share very little information about your personal life and keep your opinions to discuss them with your nearest and dearest, your friends those who will always be there to support you.


Lately you think that something’s missing for you to be happy, although you don’t know exactly how to define that feeling.  Could you be experiencing the early stages of depression? Admit that you’ve asked yourself this more than once, although you won’t clear your doubts until you visit a mental health specialist.

Try to add spinach to your dishes. This vegetable is rich in folic acid and has many properties that will improve your bowel movement. You can eat it raw in salads or, if you prefer it, blanched with some garlic.

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