Taurus Horoscope Sunday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Sunday, August 23, 2020: Don't confuse stability with boredom

You'll like nothing more than lying down on the couch watching films and series


Your love life will be very peaceful and predictable, and there’ll be palpable peace and tranquillity. You should enjoy this harmonious phase, and don’t think that stability and boredom are the same things. Is there any need to fight in order to feel alive?

You’re going through a phase of happiness where you’ll be able to start great things which could become very valuable in the future. You must learn to make the most of the moments of calm in order to keep going with your long-term projects.

Not everything revolves around getting to the finish line first, Taurus: enjoying the journey and rejoicing in the sights and small details is very important. One piece of advice: don’t let jealousy divert you from your path.

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Improve your rapport with your colleagues and take your duties seriously, Taurus.  Your desire to shine will increase and you’ll rekindle your intellectual interest.

Don’t embark in tricky schemes to make money, unless you know the area in depth. This Sunday someone will try to get ludicrous ideas into your head of speculating in the stock market, but in the end, reality won’t be anywhere near what they say it will be.

In this sense, you might be better off investing in real estate or works of art, which can be sold easily if you need cash flow in the future.

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You’ll have great vitality; you’ll finish your week in great physical shape and with a more optimistic and bold mindset.

Don't shut down and make the most of these favourable impulses to get rid of the fears often that accost you.

If you’re off from work this Sunday, try not to burden yourself with lots of family and personal chores. Rest properly. Nothing will be more appealing to you than lying down on your couch and watching films and series.

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