Taurus Horoscope Thursday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Thursday, October 22, 2020: Look for activities that boost your good mood

Those who have recently been sending their CVs will receive good news


We foresee an increase in your desire to argue, you’ll be a very quarrelsome and mistrusting sign, who will suspect anyone and everyone around you and their intentions. You think they’re trying to take advantage of you, of your money and of your good will.

It might all be your fault for not managing your past properly. There are still ghosts of the past coming to haunt you, and they threaten you with the shadow of unhappiness. Look for activities which boost your good mood, you need them Taurus.

Your family’s honour will be heightened, and you’ll be up in arms against anyone who dares bother or offend your loved ones, especially if they go after your children.

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This Thursday the 22nd of September is good for finding a job.  Those who have circulated their personal resume lately will receive good news, you’ll be told you have the job or that you’ve been short-listed for it.

What you can’t expect people to come knocking on your door to give you a job, Taurus. You have to make an effort on your part, especially if what you’re going for is a second job to supplement your finances.

Is your house full of old things? Are you hoarding more than you should? Think of getting rid of your old articles through a donation to those in need, or put things up for sale on a second-hand app.

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You’ll have plenty of energy, as well as a good dose of strength.  Those who have suffered problems linked to headaches or dizziness will get some respite.

We foresee good news for those who are trying fora baby, whether it’s through natural conception means or through adoption.

If you want to have children further down the line, think of freezing your eggs or your sperm so you can use it in the future.