Taurus Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Wednesday, July 22, 2020: Develop your critical thinking

Your mental agility stands out at work; you'll enjoy a clear and practical intelligence


You feel there’s something that doesn't add up in your love story;  what theoretically is a couple seems to have extra sides, could there be a third person between you and you haven’t noticed it yet?

You’ll spend some of this Wednesday gathering evidence, you’ll be one of the most distrustful signs when it comes to love on this 22nd of July, and you won’t be able to enjoy your feelings because of jealousy.

Make an effort, Taurus, to keep romance at a healthy level. Don’t get angry or make drastic decisions until you have solid proof, don’t believe the rumours until you see the facts with your own eyes.

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Your mental agility stands out at work; this Wednesday you’ll enjoy a clear and practical intelligence, your sixth sense will be in full swing and your judgement will be very reliable.

You’ll find yourself, Taurus, before a great day to start or resume language studies and other studies in other areas which could help you grow professionally; remember that the harder you work, the more you’ll be able to earn.

You’ll have to be a bit careful when managing your finances, you shouldn’t spend on anything other than the bare necessities. Your daily prediction tells you to try to save up, and keep your generosity in check, you’ll spend more on other than on yourself.


Many people tell you to be more active, to go out for runs or to work out. However, few of them invite you to exercise your mind through reading. Develop your critical thinking today, and start viewing the world from a different perspective.

Make some time to look after your skin, clean the impurities and blackheads, which are caused by a build-up of dirt in the pores. Try some home remedies, such as dabbing some lemon juice on your face with cotton wool.