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Taurus Horoscope – Friday, January 22, 2021: You'll be the kind of hearts

You'll want to have fun and you'll be able to get everything you need without much effort


Happiness is ensured for you in love: this Friday Taurus will be the king of all hearts.  The astral atmosphere will consolidate love in budding relationships, the kind that still dare not say the word “relationship” out loud.

On their part, those who have been in a relationship for a long time now will be unexpectedly invited to live new adventures. Your other half has been especially vocal and will know how to offer the plans you need. Fun and exotic adventures.

Basically, this next to last Friday if the month you’ll want to have fun, and you’ll be able to get everything you need without making great efforts (despite you not being a particularly conformist person).

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Be very careful with how you project yourself on social media; your digital footprint is becoming increasingly important and companies rigorously analyse the pictures you upload and what kind of comments you make before they even hire you.

Therefore, Taurus who are unemployed will need to boost their brand image. Learn to project your professionalism and save the pictures of parties for your inner circle.

As we’re in the last days of January, it wouldn’t go amiss to start thinking about how you’ll cover all the payments you have to do once you get paid. Success lies in planning.


You have many worries in your head and you neglect some aspects of your life linked to your wellbeing, for example, your diet. Turning to fast food is a serious mistake if you do it often.

You’re mainly facing psychological fatigue, not so much physical fatigue.

Remember to air out your bedroom, opening the windows wide to renew the air in your house and, while you’re at it, letting it take out the bad vibes.

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