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Your Taurus Horoscope for December 22nd

Your Taurus prediction for Thursday, December 22nd, 2022

Taurus, use your Daily Horoscope to escape the headaches caused by uncertainty. You can now find out what fate has in store for you.


Taurus, you know that change is the only constant we've got.

If you're dating, your partner's new circumstances might push you apart. You may have noticed that they're pretty focused on new projects at the moment. Be fair to them, and support them rather than push down on them.

If you're single, sooner or later you'll have to accept your friends can be busy too. Don't demand too much attention; remember that they have responsibilities and duties to tend to as well, just like you.

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Your Taurus prediction for today reveals that you might argue with a business partner about money. If you're together in this endeavor, the most appropriate would be to equally divide and share profit. Still, the other party might try to take more than they should.

Don't listen to their reasons to try to justify their selfish attitude, and claim what's rightfully yours. If the situation persists, you're better off parting ways for good.


The Stars are giving you the strength and drive needed to go back to work. It might have grown complicated over the last few days, but that won't stop you at all. Taking on difficulties like a challenge will  undoubtedly boost your performance and productivity levels.

If you see a task starting to get too complex, keep pushing until you take over it. Even if you don't think too highly of yourself, you're perfectly qualified to do what you set your mind to.


Today you'll need to clarify some affairs with friends, Taurus. If you've argued with any of them lately, don't let the rest of the group intervene. When you have issues with a single individual, you don't like the whole group to know.


You'll need to start being careful around viruses and contagions. Even if you haven't seen it yet, your immune system is starting to run on empty. Your body's pretty vulnerable, and you could easily get sick.